What is Your Money Manifesto…

We have all heard the term ‘Money Mindset’ and although it is very true that you have to have your money mindset straight to be able to move forward to the many accomplishments that you desire in life, I prefer to use my own term ‘Money Manifesto.’ I know, sure, most of us aren’t in a political party stating a manifesto and trying to change the world (although if you are and are trying to change the world for the better KUDOS to you), but we are individuals trying to change our own world so why not have our own proclamations on how we are going to get to where it is that we really want to be in life?

The truth is that many of us walk through our days just going with what ever the world brings to us. This is great if the universe is bringing you all the things you desire in this life, but if the desired results aren’t actually manifesting in the ways that you would like perhaps its time to take a look at your own personal money manifesto (I love the fact that manifesto has the majority of the word manifesting in it, this just makes me feel like it is really allowing people to move toward what they really want).

Getting clear on your Money Manifesto can cause amazing results....

Getting clear on your Money Manifesto can cause amazing results…..

What is a manifesto? 

Well often times the word manifesto is used by a political party to publically declare an aim for a certain issue before an election. Such as “I, so and so, will work very hard to get more funding for our schools.” It is a public declaration of what a person seeks to achieve.

So for us that would mean that our money manifesto is our mission statement or proclamation of where we are going where money is concerned in our lives. You need to make the DECISION that no matter what happens this is what you are doing and this is where you are going and set out to get there no matter what. Sure there may be some miss steps, but those are the steps that will show you the ways that work and the ways that don’t and act as stepping stones to continue on on your journey. As you have probably already guessed just wanting to have or make more money doesn’t really do anything. Unless, of course, you have a trust fund waiting for you or where born into an wealthy family. Wanting to have or make more money takes ACTION….it isn’t just going to fall out of one of those money tree’s and land square in your lap. Although I am a complete optimistic, I just haven’t ever heard of anyone finding a money tree.

So taking action in this case means getting really clear on what your money manifesto looks like. What are you looking to achieve financially and why?

What’s so great about the WHY?

You see the WHY may just be the most amazing and powerful part of your money manifesto. Why? Because this is what is most important to you and what will continue to push you forward toward your goals.

So write out your proclamations and make sure your why is entwined all throughout it. Make sure that you are coming from a deep place within yourself and that you really know what the desires are and can visualize and feel the outcomes. I can’t stress how important it is for you to be able to see yourself at the end of the road, already achieving your goals. This makes achieving it more of a reality and puts those amazing thoughts into the subconscious mind so that it will continue working toward that goal and pushing you into the direction that you are wanting to go.

Read any Law of Attraction book and one of the first things that you will glean is that you have to get really clear about what you want and start to visualize it already happening and feeling the emotions associated. I can’t make this stuff up, its proven.

Another thing that you will gain from any Law of Attraction book is that if you live in a world of lack you will have more lack and what you fear you become.  I believe this is where the term ‘Money Mindset’ became so popular. If you say things like “I cant afford that”, you are right. You need to change those thoughts to thoughts of abundance and gratitude.

Let’s think of a few things that might block your money manifesto from coming true then see ways that we can change them:

Let’s go back to the example up above:

**I can’t afford that: You are coming from a place of lack which means you are right you can’t afford it. So change the dialog. Is it something you want or something that you NEED? You might want those new shoes but you NEED electricity. So you would find a way to pay the electric bill no matter what, right? But the shoes are a want and not a need. So if you decided you really did feel like you needed the shoes it’s better  to come from a place of deciding how to get them. Where can you save the money or what can you do to make the extra money to get them? Changing the dialog from lack to how can you do it will bring you out of that mental mindset.

**There isn’t enough money for everyone to be rich: First off not everyone wants to be rich. Some people just want to be able to live comfortably and not have to worry. The reality is that there is enough pieces of the pie for everyone to have their fair share. Money is energy and we are all able to acquire energy as long as we are putting the right vibes out there. When we come from a place of lack that is what we are putting out there and that is what we are getting back. Be grateful in all that you already have and watch as that feeling of abundance grows out into your reality.

**I’m not good enough at anything to make money: I call BS on that. We all have amazing talents. Being bold enough to put them out there is another story. We have all the resources within us to make our every dream come true. Get clear on your talents and the priceless abilities that YOU DO have. Get clear on your goals and your money manifesto. And get clear on your WHY and watch the magic happen. Believe in yourself no matter what and believe in the fact that you know that you are worth it. Because you are.

Please feel free to add to the list and/or to add to the conversation in the comments box below. I look forward to hearing from you.

To your inspired journey,



Ready to Blow Out Limiting Beliefs

Why can’t I move forward? What is holding me back? I know what I want to do WHY am I not already doing it? Does this sound like you or something that you often find yourself saying? Often times when we are feeling this way we don’t realize that limiting beliefs are what is holding us back!

So what are limiting beliefs? And how do we form them?

A limiting belief is a belief or decision that you formed at sometime during your life that limits where you think you can go in life. This limiting belief or decision isn’t generally something that you are aware of, but something that is constantly running in the background of your mind.

Often times limiting beliefs come from our parents, peer groups, or people that we looked up to while growing up or at one point in our life. These beliefs may be based on true facts or on thoughts or feelings of the person who presented them to you at the time. Limiting beliefs are things such as ‘I can never make any money,’ ‘I’m not smart enough to…..’ or ‘things like that just don’t happen to or for people like me!’

Maybe you overheard your parents arguing about money when you were a young age and they said something like “there’s just not enough money for that” and you started to think that there wasn’t enough money for you either. Or maybe you were watching your favorite program one night and the main character popped off with “people like you just don’t make it” and you thought well that person is a lot like me and you know what he is right, people like me really just don’t make it.

Blowing Out Limiting Beliefs

When limiting beliefs strike they can seem to stop you right in your tracks….stop letting them stop you from being GREAT!

Self-sabotage is most definitely a limiting belief rearing its ugly head.

Have you ever really wanted something in your life, whether it be a really fantastic job, that hot partner or maybe a new car or house? Then right when it seems like you are just on the verge of getting and it appears the deal is sealed you somehow sabotage it and everything slips away right before your very eyes? What the hell is that all about you wonder! Why did I do that? Why did I wait or procrastinate? What did I say such an asinine thing? Or why did I let that person talk me into doing that or not doing that right before……?

Limiting beliefs are everywhere and within every person. When you begin to realize what a limiting belief is and how much control they can over people you will soon be able to recognize them everywhere. That is the good and the bad news…..we ALL have them. So if you feel like you are the only person struggling and aren’t really sure what is WRONG with you. Please be patient with yourself and realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Truly you can watch any television show or talk to any person and begin to see through their struggles what kind of limiting beliefs they may be harboring but not even know that they are.

How can we begin to help ourselves and others overcome these limiting beliefs that are no longer of benefit to us?

1.) To really get a handle on limiting beliefs or decisions you begin by paying attention to your thoughts and where your thoughts go when you think about achieving the wonderful things that you want in life. Do you automatically say ‘yep I can do that’ and take charge of your life? Or are you more like ‘yeah that sounds great maybe I’ll start tomorrow?’

**If the first person is you, fantastic you are well on your way to making your dreams come true, kudos! If on the other hand the second person is you then there may be some limiting beliefs that are holding you back or keeping you stagnated in the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mindset.

2.) Start changing your thoughts and pushing through the fear that is holding you back. When you start to realize that your wants and your thoughts may not be exactly congruent focus on how you can change your thoughts and your wishes to be more similar. Then start to put it into action. How you ask….

  •       Do a vision board- find images, words, anything really that you can see that embody what you are working or moving towards. Get those all together on a colorful poster board or on anything really and put it up in a place that you will see over and over throughout the day. This will begin to retrain and remind your unconscious mind of what you are working towards.
  • Write out mantras and affirmations- handwrite out the things that you MUST have or do or DECISIONS that you have made about your life moving forward from this point. Writing them out in your own awesome long print helps to build a connection in the unconscious mind, the place that holds those limiting beliefs.
  • Whenever you have a thought that is not beneficial to where you are going say the mantras and/or affirmations in your mind or out loud over and over. Thus, doing a pattern interrupt or changing that old, normal negative thinking pattern.
  •   Make sure that you are looking at your vision board, doing your affirmations and mantras throughout the day, but most importantly in the morning upon rising and in the evening before going to bed….these are the times when our minds are most receiving of new and amazing input.

 3.) Take at least one action every day that is forward moving to the changes that you are wanting to make and that pushes you out of your comfort zone and away from those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

4.) Always believe in where you are going, in the actions that you are taking to get there, in the results you will receive and in YOURSELF. You are always worth it!

For more ideas and/or to start your journey to a better life and begin working on alleviating those limiting beliefs and the struggles that they are causing in your life visit my webpage or connect with me on Facebook. Feel free to leave questions or comments or just send me a private message and I will personally respond.

To your inspired journey,


Reflecting on life…Love it, Own it, Live it

With the breathing taking, saddening news of motivational guru Dr. Wayne Dyer passing over the weekend and then the news this morning that horror filmmaker Wes Cravin had also went on to be with those he loved who had already crossed over it leads me to really think about things, reflecting on life if you will.

These two wonderful men may have lead completely different lives and are well known for majorly different things, but the reality is that they both inspired a lot of people in their own ways.

I was reading a few articles and Facebook comments on Dr. Dyer last evening and was again warmed by his grace. In a comment that his family published letting the world know of his passing they said that “he always said that he couldn’t wait for the next adventure to begin and had no fear of dying.”

Positively reflecting on life can soothe the rough waters of the storm you may sometimes feel inside

Positively reflecting on life can soothe the rough waters of the storm you may sometimes feel inside

Also a post that Dr. Dyer added to his Facebook page just two days before his passing that read “I have a suit in my closet with the pocket cut out. It’s a reminder to me that I won’t be taking anything with me. The last I wear won’t need any pockets.” That makes you wonder if he knew his time was near and that he was trying to send a hint out to all those that loved him and were deeply inspired by him. Was he reflecting on life, the life that he had made in those last few days? Did he truly have an idea that his physical form here was about to change into a spiritual form? These questions have been rolling around in my mind since reading the news.

Then we have Wes Craven a man who delighted our hearts through horror movies. He made us cower at times in fear and then shiver in joy at the same time. He offered an escape from whatever we had going on in our own worlds. He offered a place to release, let got and become emerged in fantasy for awhile. He also brought about inspiration for a whole tribe of people that were looking at building an empire such as he had.

These men, along with many other inspirations in the world, are really no different than any of us. They had a dream and a goal and they went for it.

When reflecting on life there are a few things that you should keep in mind to help move you forward (if your not already living the life that you dream of).

1.) When reflecting on life: Always believe that you can achieve it. In a report that I read about Wes Crave’s passing away it discussed his trials after writing the movie Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 in which he had said “For three years I was unable to sell it. I basically went broke,” he told CNN years later. “So when the film got made and was a financial success, my career went from the basement through the roof. It was a wonderful feeling.” Believe that you can achieve it, just as so many before you have, and continue to take the necessary actions needed to get there. Whatever your ‘it’ is or your dream or goal IT CAN be done.

2.) When reflecting on life: Remember to look how far you have come. There will always be good days and bad days, the key is to see how far you have come along the way. We don’t start out as master’s of many things, but we can be the master’s of ourselves. Learning and growing are daily advantages that you can take that move you forward so when you look back tomorrow, next month or even next year you can see the many accomplishments that you are truly making.

3.) When reflecting on life: Be thankful for all that you already have. No  matter where you are or what you perceive that you do or don’t have know that you are wealthy and abundant. There are many people out there with less than you have and many of them feel like they are on top of the world with riches. The thing to remember is that we are ALL rich in our own ways but we need to reflect on those riches and be grateful for them.

4.) When reflecting on life: Always, always live life to the fullest by being in the present moment. Often times when doing normal daily tasks we allow ourselves to worry on the things that we are not able to control in our lives. Doing this adds to the pressures we already feel which can compound into increased stress and even anxiety. Those who live with these conditions know how truly crippling they can be and often times excessive fear also begins to creep into the mix making normal activities no longer enjoyable. Yet, often times if we take a step back and really look at the situation in that moment and realize that within this moment, in this actual second of time, there are so many beautiful, glorious and amazing things going on around us we can begin to release some of the things we are feeling or catastrophizing about. Often just getting out of your own head and allowing yourself to marvel in all that is around you will help to start to clear away the obstacles that you may feel that you are having. Start doing it as a daily practice and soon you will see the world for the wonderful place that it can be on the outside of your inner thinking.

5.) When reflecting in life: Remember that you are here for a reason. Whatever reason you are here for you are an amazingly talented individual. Go inside when reflecting and bring out or realize the treasures that you contain within you. We all are full of awesome gifts, yet when we feel that we can’t see them ourselves we tend to hide them from others. Don’t hide who you are and your treasure, bring that light of yours out and let it shine!

We will greatly miss those that have left us who are an inspiration and bring different elements to our lives including Dr. Dyer and Wes Craven. Knowing that we will have the legacies that they have left for us can help us when reflecting on life to see that we too are able to achieve great things, just as each of them did. What a wonderful feeling to know that these wonderful people, and many others, can give so much and that each one of us is also capable of giving and doing the same.

To your inspired journey,